This is how untrained brains are ruining America

Posted by Jordan, 30 Nov

In this age and era, its rather unfortunate that we often can’t tell the difference between genius and stupidity, and we are often guessing about how to interpret situations based on our own view of facts, our own biases, and the emotions we feel. Much as there’s plenty of information out there, it’s so mired in misinformation that we forgive ourselves for being uninformed. But what if the big problem is that we just don’t know how to think productively?

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In this episode, "Dilbert creator and author of Loserthink: How Untrained Brains Are Ruining America" - Scott Adams, brings us a fascinating and controversial discussion to the table. Scott and I dig into what he means by the term “loserthink” and how people can spot it in others while avoiding it in ourselves, when the ego isn’t our enemy, how to poke holes in bad arguments, how to spot fake news, failing mental models, and much more. Listen, learn, and enjoy!

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  1.   GODsiller says:
    Posted: 13 Dec 19

    uuuuh, wanna hear (or read rather) what is posited in the audio but really encourage you to provide a transcript. Given the option to read a transcript or listen to audio--I'll 20/10 times opt for transcript since I can read faster than people can speak and also listen to think-friendly music that helps me isolate my tenuous attention span from external diversion. Just a friendly recommendation.

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