Why Helping Others Drives Our Success

Posted by Jordan, 24 Feb

The Beatles knew that the love you take equals the love you make. Similarly, the economics of relationships runs on a counterintuitive currency — the more you give, the more you get. But how do you avoid being taken advantage of by those who would happily allow you to give them everything without returning the favor?

In this episode, Wharton’s favorite professor Adam Grant rejoins us to discuss one of his NYT best-selling books, "Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success". Here, we discuss how to spot takers and protect yourself against them, how to use the five-minute favor to expand your social circle favorably and give yourself greater happiness in the process, the power of powerless communication, how to get your network’s connections connecting with one another using the double-opt-in introduction, why you’ll be a more effective giver if you practice chunking rather than sprinkling, and much more.

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Listen, learn, and enjoy! [Note: This is a previously broadcast episode from the vault that we felt deserved a fresh pass through your earholes!]

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