Interracial Couples Success Stories

  • Tina & Daniel

    “Giggly as a Schoolgirl”

    The moment Daniel saw the profile of “SexyTina71” on our site, he sprang into action. “He reached out to me first via email,” Tina tells us. “Though I can’t remember what was said in the email something must have caught my eye, because I responded!” The successes of others are what … read more

  • Jade & Nathan

    “He Made Her Feel Like a Kid Again”

    “I was in my room daydreaming of him like a teenage girl,” Jade giggles as she remembers the moment she realized her budding relationship with Nathan might be special. Let’s rewind. Not so long ago, Jade signed up on our site with the username “ShadyJS,” and Nathan chose the handle “S… read more

  • Latoya & Steven

    “She Was Only Shy Because She Liked Him”

    Before meeting Steven on our site, LaToya had essentially given up on love. "I was a skeptic who had been single for 12 years," she admits. "I didn't think I would ever be in another relationship!" With that being the case, why did she take the plunge and post her profile? "I'm an introvert, so … read more

  • Lorraine & Dennis

    “She Fell for This Bearded Ex-Bodybuilder”

    Lorraine and Dennis were no strangers when it came to online dating. But as soon as they joined the site, they got a confidence boost. Lorraine was quite confident in finding love on the site, whereas Dennis was not so much. Lorraine was a member of the site for almost a year before she ended up… read more

  • Valerie & Michael

    “Fairytale Love Does Come True”

    Valerie and Michael met on the site during the Covid-19 pandemic, and they couldn't be more in love! Valerie was familiar with online dating, but she never managed to find what she was looking for on them. She tried out our site during the lockdown since she had nothing to lose and nowhere to go,… read more