Interracial Couples Success Stories

  • Max & Edith

    “After our first date, we wanted to meet again”

    Once upon a time, in the vast realm of online dating, Edith and Max embarked on a journey that defied skepticism and brought them love. Edith, known as "Yoresmile," and Max, also known as "Mxxoll," found themselves on our dating site after trying various apps and being inspired by the possibility… read more

  • Robin & Anthony

    “I took him ice fishing, but I caught the ice!”

    Robin and Anthony are now engaged. But not so long ago, they had profiles on our site with the handles “Dallas75252” (Robin) and “EsilorMan” (Anthony). We asked Robin what drew her to online dating, originally... “I work long hours, and it was hard to meet anyone naturally,” she expla… read more

  • Veronica & Theodore

    “A Magic Movie Scene”

    One day, Veronica decided to get a membership on our site. “I was curious to see what was out there,” she says of her interest in online dating. As for Theodore, the man she would meet, someone else’s experience inspired him to give it a go. “I have a friend who met his wife online,” he te… read more

  • Tina & Daniel

    “Giggly as a Schoolgirl”

    The moment Daniel saw the profile of “SexyTina71” on our site, he sprang into action. “He reached out to me first via email,” Tina tells us. “Though I can’t remember what was said in the email something must have caught my eye, because I responded!” The successes of others are what … read more

  • Jade & Nathan

    “He Made Her Feel Like a Kid Again”

    “I was in my room daydreaming of him like a teenage girl,” Jade giggles as she remembers the moment she realized her budding relationship with Nathan might be special. Let’s rewind. Not so long ago, Jade signed up on our site with the username “ShadyJS,” and Nathan chose the handle “S… read more