Interracial Couples Success Stories

  • Rose & Pelle

    “Sometimes, Opposites Attract”

    Pelle is from Sweden and Rose hails from Kenya. Do you think that stopped them from falling in love? Not a chance! Here’s how it happened… “Not my first site,” Pelle says of our service. He was very confident when he signed up, but realistic at the same time. “Patience is needed,” he … read more

  • Triciah & Nico

    “The Super-Amazing Adventures of Power Woman and The Hunk”

    “This was my first experience [with online dating],” Triciah tells us. “I was asking myself why I kept on meeting the wrong kind of people. I realized that just going to town, always the same places, was the reason why.” Still, she only put her odds of finding love at about 20 percent, whe… read more

  • Abby & Tyrell

    “The Vibes Were on Fleek”

    When “MissAbby13” and “RellyUnicorn” met on our site, they were vibing from the start. But this was actually Abby’s maiden voyage on the sometimes turbulent seas of Internet dating. “Yes, it was my first experience with online dating,” she tells us. “What inspired me? I don’t kno… read more

  • Whitney & Michael

    “The Zoom Dates Did It”

    Whitney joined our site seeking human connection more than romantic love, per se. “I was bored, and I just wanted someone to talk to,” she admits. “It was not my first experience with a dating site.” So she composed a profile with the clever username “WhitTheReal.” “It was not my fi… read more

  • Bartly & Peace

    “Two Great Dates in One Day”

    Bartly will never forget the night he proposed to Peace, who is now his wife. “We went back to the place we had dinner on the first day we met,” he remembers. “After dinner we went outside for what she thought was going to be a stroll around Sundance Square, in downtown Fort Worth. I got down … read more