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Latoya & Steven - She Was Only Shy Because She Liked Him | LatinoLicious - Latoya & Steven Latoya & Steven - She Was Only Shy Because She Liked Him | LatinoLicious - Latoya & Steven Latoya & Steven - She Was Only Shy Because She Liked Him | LatinoLicious - Latoya & Steven

She Was Only Shy Because She Liked Him

Before meeting Steven on our site, LaToya had essentially given up on love. "I was a skeptic who had been single for 12 years," she admits. "I didn't think I would ever be in another relationship!"

With that being the case, why did she take the plunge and post her profile? "I'm an introvert, so it's kind of the only way I was going to meet anyone," laughs LaToya. "But I wasn't confident joining the site – this was the first site I'd tried in 10 years!"

Steven signed up for different reasons. "It's difficult to meet people with my work schedule," he tells us. "I didn't think I'd find love on or off the site. But, instead, I was looking for companionship."

That was Steven's plan, and his membership did not change his mind for two years. However, two days after LaToya posted her profile, Steven reached out online, and romance bloomed.

"Steven sent me an email via the site," LaToya recalls. Inspecting his profile, she found his "physical appearance" attractive and liked that "he mentioned that he enjoys traveling." However, her first impulse was to leave this message unanswered. As LaToya explains, "Originally I wasn't interested, because he is nine years younger than me and in another state, but after conversing with him a bit, I realized the age and distance didn't matter. I was intrigued by his quick wit and charm!"

That got the ball rolling, and soon these two would scarcely let a day go by without hearing the other's voice. "For a month, we talked on the phone for hours daily," Steven says.

This convinced our couple in the making to meet "for reals." "I flew to his city to meet him," LaToya informs us. "I stayed for the weekend. We went to the aquarium because he knew I loved going to aquariums in different cities. I was surprised he paid attention to such a small tidbit of information. I had briefly mentioned that I love visiting aquariums when I travel, and he took me to one!"

That first in-person meeting can be critical in any relationship that starts online. Fortunately, there were no unpleasant surprises here. "I was relieved that he looked like his pictures," LaToya declares, and Steven echoes the sentiment. But he did find her more reserved than he expected. "I was surprised that she was so quiet and shy, considering we'd spoken on the phone so much before we met," says Steven.

"He is more mature than I would have thought, based on my stereotype about younger men," LaToya observes. But, while she was "very sure" they'd go out again, Steven had a hard time getting an early read on LaToya. He says he felt "unsure because she was so quiet/shy. I wasn't sure she was into me!"

Ultimately, though, Steven concluded that it's just LaToya being LaToya. "She is cutely weird," he laughs, adding, "She is close to my typical type. Her personality shines! She is a very caring person."

LaToya acknowledges that their connection may be a little unorthodox. "He is not my typical type, but I think that's why we work," she says of Steven. "My type hasn't worked out for me in the past. But, he is such a good person! I'm smitten."

Geography did threaten to keep them apart, and the challenges of long-distance travel cropped up at times. "I was frustrated at an airport after I missed my flight, and she tried her best to comfort me," remembers Steven, adding that this low point turned into the moment he realized that his relationship with LaToya had long-term potential.

For her, that "eureka!" moment came under different but equally challenging circumstances. "I was at home pondering our first disagreement (due to my self-sabotaging) and instantly thought, 'I don't want things to end,'" LaToya reveals. Nevertheless, today both singles say that finding each other has brought them "more joy in thinking about the future" and made them happier.

Here are LaToya's suggestions for the singles who may be reading this right now. "My advice is to be open to something different," she begins. "Be willing to alter your lists of what you want. What I got is much better than what I thought I wanted!"

And when you find that special someone, Steven tells you to "be confident and let them know why you are the best choice [for them]."

It sure looks like Steven and LaToya have made the best choice for themselves!

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