Interracial Marriage

Veronica & Theodore -
Troutdale, Oregon, United States

Married September 2019

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A Magic Movie Scene

One day, Veronica decided to get a membership on our site. “I was curious to see what was out there,” she says of her interest in online dating. As for Theodore, the man she would meet, someone else’s experience inspired him to give it a go. “I have a friend who met his wife online,” he tells us, “and although I had tried two other dating sites before coming here, I thought to myself, ‘Why couldn’t the same thing happen to me?’”

Neither single was particularly enthused about their odds of success, however. Veronica describes herself as “not confident” about it. Still, she was willing to try. “I wanted to go on a few dates and see where it might lead,” she indicates. Theodore came from a similar perspective. “I had my doubts,” he admits, “But I pushed all those thoughts aside and chose to believe the woman of my dreams could be found online.”

Though they joined around the same time, it took a month for them to connect. Veronica reached out to Theodore via our instant messaging feature. It was his faith that made Theodore’s profile stand out for her. “His interest in God and his love for the Bible” caught her eye, she reports. But that wasn’t all. “Once I saw a picture of him and his niece I knew he was a good guy, because he took care of her,” adds Veronica. For her, that mattered a lot more than if he fit her physical “type” up to this point in her dating life. “He was not similar in the physical, but I was attracted to his mind and his pure heart.”

Feeling drawn to her as well, Theodore responded to Veronica’s IM. “I was struck by Veronica’s beauty and her faith in God,” he notes now. From there it was a short trip to getting together in the real world. “Once it was clear we had a connection and that she loved the Lord, I was ready to meet for a date,” Theodore remembers.

“We had dinner at a seafood restaurant in Virginia and rode the ferry across the Potomac,” Veronica says of their activities that day. Meeting Theodore in person for the first time is something she remembers vividly. “I was curious,” Veronica begins. “He looked very nervous, but he had kind eyes, so I was willing to give it a try.”

Theodore was pretty impressed by the woman standing before him. “Veronica was even more gorgeous in person than in pictures (which was hard to believe), and her pure spirit was very refreshing,” he says. “I was instantly attracted to her, and I was not disappointed when we met. Her lively spirit and passion for life was very much what I hoped it would be.”

We asked the couple what, if anything, surprised them about their date. “He told me to order whatever I liked [at dinner],” laughs Veronica, who found that refreshing. “That’s when I knew he was kind.” Theodore had been optimistic going into that evening, but their connection exceeded all expectations. “Our first date was as magical as a scene in a movie,” he marvels. “I was not expecting that!”

As well as the date went, there was some question about whether they’d meet again. For these two getting together took some doing, as they lived on opposite sides of the country. “I was not so sure [about a second date] because he lived out of state, but I guess faith had other plans,” Veronica notes. Despite the distance, Theodore was “almost positive” this wasn’t the end of it.

Fortunately, they did go out again, and again, and again. Over time they found that their profiles hadn’t painted a full picture of who they were, and there were more good things to discover about one another. What impressed Veronica most about Theodore was “his love for people and his compassion for the poor.” He cites Veronica’s “motherly instinct” as one of her best qualities, in his eyes.

Still, the gulf of geography separating them wasn’t going away. “The distance became unbearable,” laments Veronica, “because I was falling in love with him and wanted to spend each passing day together.” Theodore expands on that: “I lived in Oregon and Veronica lived in Maryland, so the long distance WAS a huge obstacle. Honestly, though, because of our commitment to each other, it was a challenge that was surprisingly easy to overcome.”

That commitment began to move them closer to a big decision. Veronica remembers a critical moment that convinced her she was ready for more. “I was in church, and he reached out via text to pray for me and asked that I be blessed during the service.” This touched her heart. For Theodore, he knew this relationship was special “when Veronica declared that her devotion to God meant that she was committed to waiting until marriage.”

Guess they were ready to tie the knot! Here’s how the proposal went down… “At the Washington Zoo in D.C., Ted waited until the perfect moment to drop to one knee and declare his undying love and devotion,” Veronica recalls. “He asked if I would accept his hand in marriage – obviously I said yes!”

She hasn’t regretted that choice for one second. “He has made me the happiest woman on Earth,” Veronica declares. “He radiates peace, and for that I am grateful. He is my everything.”

“Finding Veronica has literally changed my entire life around,” says Theodore. “She is my new beginning, my new song, my inspiration, and a great source of joy. I am grateful to God for answering my prayers for a godly wife, and I am looking forward to discovering what He has in store for our futures together as husband and wife.”

Here’s what Veronica has to offer singles seeking advice and inspiration in their own search for love. “Be true to yourself,” she urges everyone. “Don’t hide anything about yourself. If you are truly looking for love, then open yourself up to receiving it.”

“Trust the process, be patient and open, and have faith that true love really can be yours,” says Theodore.

The process certainly worked for him!

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