Latina Women White Men

Negritafina -
Georgia, United States

He Won My Heart

I got a message from Bluvly, and his message was different from all the other messages I got before. He was looking for a serious relationship, just like me. I was looking for consistency, not only going back and forward with messages but phone calls and text messages. I wanted some one who can communicate, and he was fast setting up a first date.

We met at a restaurant and we spent hours and hours talking. I love that he was a man that made plans. And he quickly planned our second date.

He said I was his girlfriend after the second date but I told him that here in America we date first lol. He was born here but raised in South Africa and studied in the UK. But after our 5th date he won my heart.

He is a busy man but makes time to communicate with me and spend time with me. I’m very happy and thankful.

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