Latino Women Dating

Nolosers4m3 -
Illinois, United States

His profile made me sign up!

Well let's just say that when he approached me it was done by a flirt and at the time I was not a member and since I was able to see his profile I read it and was very interested. That gave me the incentive to sign up for a month and sent him a replied. He then proceeded by a reply and since he was not in the same location, informed me that he was coming into town for business.

Needless to say he was coming to town to meet me. We exchanged numbers and we met, everything clicked on the first night, chemistry, personality the entire package. We spent all weekend together and we have been seeing each other since the first time. Last weekend we decided to be a couple and have a committed relationship.

In such a short time spending time with one another we both have feelings for each other which has never happened to me before with anyone else and he feels the same.

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