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Lupita & Anthony

Engaged September 2014

Latino Women Black Men - Where Did He Go? | LatinoLicious - Lupita & Anthony Latino Women Black Men - Where Did He Go? | LatinoLicious - Lupita & Anthony Latino Women Black Men - Where Did He Go? | LatinoLicious - Lupita & Anthony Latino Women Black Men - Where Did He Go? | LatinoLicious - Lupita & Anthony

Where Did He Go?

When “Pita70” met “Prof8t,” they shared more than an Internet connection. These singles clicked, in a big way! But what drew them to post profiles on our site? Lupita (aka Pita70) sought “a new experience meeting people” and thus we were her first online personals service. Anthony, the man whose handle was Prof8t, tells us he had “no time” for traditional methods of meeting women. Still, he was “very skeptical” that a dating site was the answer.

Less than a year later, he found Lupita’s profile. By then her membership was about six months old. He thought she seemed like “a classy woman,” so he started typing up a message to introduce himself. “He contacted me first, by email,” Lupita recalls. She could tell that he was a “very educated man,” something she liked.

After some “long conversations by email,” Anthony fell silent for a while. Lupita was disappointed; she had been hopeful they would at least test the waters with a date. Then, happily, he popped up online again. “He mentioned he was still interested in meeting in person, after he’d disappeared for a couple of days,” says Lupita, rolling her eyes.

When they went out, Anthony was impressed by how Lupita expressed herself. But that wasn’t her only appealing attribute. “She looks most pretty in person,” he says with a wink. Lupita wasn’t disappointed either. “He is a handsome man,” she says. “And I felt very comfortable in his company.”

Time flew by and before this duo knew it, their date was drawing to a close. “I didn’t want the night to end,” says Anthony. “It felt really good talking to each other.” Would they meet again? “I knew it right away,” he says, smiling. Lupita was “very sure” there would be a return engagement.

While dating profiles offer a snapshot of someone’s personality and priorities, it can’t tell the whole story. As their relationship progressed, Lupita and Anthony learned a lot more about one another. “He is very organized in everything he does,” she says, a quality she admires. “She is not a materialistic woman,” Anthony says appreciatively.

Did they find exactly the person they were looking for, or is this match more of a happy surprise? “She is the woman I always wanted to meet,” Anthony confirms. Lupita thinks that Anthony is the type of person any single should be looking for. “He is the ideal man whom every woman wants to have!” she declares.

With no major speed bumps in their path, the pair found themselves in a new stage of their relationship. “We went to have dinner at the Japanese restaurant where we had our first date, where we met for the first time,” Lupita remembers. “He asked the waiter to take a pic, but his plan was to propose and give me my engagement ring!”

Their relationship has changed things for Lupita “completely.” She says that “love is everything,” so now she feels fulfilled. This is new territory for Anthony. “I never felt love like now, for Lupita,” he says, getting a bit misty-eyed at the thought.

The happy couple advises online daters to “ask questions about everything” and “don’t play games.” And don’t panic if someone you just met “disappears for a couple of days.” They might just be busy, like Anthony was!

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