Latin Men And White Women

Adriano777 -
Georgia, United States

When You Know, You Know

It was simply miraculous!

It was late on Memorial Day and I was ready to turn in for the day and I just happened to see her in the preview section and not the search section. I was just magnetized and drawn to her. I click her profile and she is simply perfect.

There was no doubt in my heart that she was uniquely special compared to anyone else I've met, so I sent her a rose. She's so worthy. We exchanged messages and I volunteered my number and asked her to call me as soon as possible. She did. And we haven't looked back since.

Ironically, she ignored so many flirts and messages and almost ignored my flirt twice, but she decided to accept. She is so grateful she didn't. Our connection was heartfelt and soul-felt.

When you know, you know. And we just know we're supposed to be together forever, so thank you. I wouldn't have found her without you.

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