Hispanic Women Dating

Biankis -
Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico

So Adorable

Well, right now I reside in Puerto Rico but I'm moving to the U.S. and found the cutest Asian man in the history of men that lives where I plan to move. He prefers Hispanic women; I prefer Asian men.

He's so nice, I want to squeeze his cheeks he's so adorable. I e-mailed him first and then he replied. After a while we started writing to each other via our personal e-mails. We've had long intimate conversations that have made me smile and space out in public often.

He's very family oriented just like me and even though he comes from a very different culture we share many things in common. I like him very much and feel like I'm not going to meet anyone like him anywhere else.

I'm so excited to meet him but I have to be patient because I won't move there until January. Until then we plan to keep on talking. When we do meet I sense that at first we're going to be super nervous and after a while lalala makeout! hahaha ;)

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