Latina Women White Men

Malika -
Missouri, United States

Everything we do is Now and Forever!!!


We both decided to write our success story, because everything we do is now and forever a joint venture. So here is how our love and connections has developed in chronological order; from the initial contact to our now and forever:

1. DEC.23, 2007- first chatted on-line on your site

2. DEC.29, 2007- a flight from Houston brings Under88 to KC,MO to Needinlove86

3. April 19, 2008- Needinlove86 moves to Houston to live with Under88

4. DECEMBER 31,2008- Needinlove86 became Mrs.Under88 (we got married!!!!!!!!!!!)

Now every New Year is a "HAPPY NEW YEAR" - your site is wonderful..Thanks !!!!

Happily ever after Kevin and Malika.

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