Why men love thick black women

Posted by Liam, 4 days ago

There are a considerable number of men that love thick black women. People usually have their preferences in women. And contrary to popular belief portrayed by the media that the ideal beauty is the slender woman, like it or not, most men prefer the curvaceous woman. Genetically, black women are known to have rounder bottoms and hips. Why do you think that these are the women we see on most hip hop videos? Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj... These black women make men not think straight. They make men turn their heads whenever they see their irresistible killer curves.

So why do men love the pleasingly plump black woman? Date Who You Want takes a look at some of the main reasons men love curves on their women.

Why do men prefer thick women with dark skin?

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Why do men like thick women? Well, if you were to pose this question to a man or a group of men, the answers might shock you. In fact, you might leave there thinking that men sexualize and objectify the bodies of thick black women. Like it or not, they are a sight to behold. But the physical features aren't the only reason for the thick black girl attraction. The first reason here will amazingly shock you. Here we go...

They have high self-esteem

Compared to heavier white women, black women seem to be very comfortable and happier with their bodies. No matter what mainstream culture says, most heavier black women consider themselves to be far more physically attractive than thin athletic women. And in a world where women are held to impossible standards of beauty, it is amazing to see that at least the thick black girl is resisting this assault on her self-confidence.

Now, self-confidence is a trait that most men find irresistibly appealing. And men who like thick women, find the ones who are in love with their bodies sexier. Such women can come into a room and own the room. Now imagine that in bed! There is no combination sexier than that of a woman who is both Curvy and Confident.

Their physique is considered to be ultra-feminine

Why do men prefer thick women? A lot of men who love thick women will argue that curvy women are attractive and striking because their bodies are well defined and more feminine. Men who love some meat on their women say Big is Beautiful. And they also say Black is Beautiful. Imagine that combination. And for some reason, thick women tend to be less wrinkly hence they look ageless. What's not to love?

Some men see this as a sign of fertility

Some men might argue that fuller, curvaceous women are a sign of improved fertility - that they have better chances to bear healthy children. Well, scientifically, this is not necessarily the case. But who are we to argue with those men who believe that wide hips and big boobs indicate fertility?

Mature and Motherly

There are men who find thick girls to have a more mature and motherly look, especially in the African setting. Thinner women are seen as tomboys hence not strong and mature enough to take care of children.

They are stronger

We have all heard the phrase - "The strong black woman". There are men who believe that thick black women are stronger, more capable of doing domestic chores and are strong enough to take care of children. They are also believed to have thick skin and can handle anything. Men who think this way love the curvy black women because they feel that they are more patient, hence they will make better wives.

Some men are just wired that way

The idealized shape of black women has been known to be "curvy" and "thick". Much as the media idolizes the thin light-skinned woman, some men are just programmed to desire big physiques and use this preference when they are searching for mates. Their perfect mate is the thick black woman. To them, that is the perfect mate. They will tell you that there is nothing sexier than thick girls with thick thighs, big booty, and boobs. This could be the reason that we are seeing more white men dating and marrying black women. This could be the reason music videos use thick black women. Can you even begin to imagine a world where men are not crazy about curvy black women?

Its time for men who follow the mainstream media's unrealistic ideals of beauty to reconsider this and follow what their hearts desire. And to the thick black women trying to conform to those ideals, you don't have to be a certain mold for men to find you attractive and appreciate you. There is always a guy who will love and celebrate you just the way you are.

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  1.   Mrlf says:
    Posted: 19 hrs ago (Awaiting moderation)

    Sometimes It’s a man type it seems most sexy To him and sometimes men do not like skinny women

  2.   StyxFan77 says:
    Posted: 1 day ago

    This "thick" black woman nonsense has got to stop. There was a time when being attracted to a slender woman meant the man was being "superficial", well HELLO.... isn't the attraction to LARGE women the same damn thing? Superficial. I like a SLIM/SLENDER woman. Where do people get this idea that slender women don't have "curves"? What they don't have is "rolls". The liberals have pushed 'body positivity" but somehow being slim is BAD. How is that being "body positive"? It's not. It's down right hypocritical. If you don't like the slender women, good! More of them for me to choose from. And how dare anyone try to FORCE me to find a body type attractive that I personally just DO NOT find attractive. Nicki Minaj looks DISGUSTING. I'll take Naomi Campbell any day.

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    • Starr83 says:
      Posted: 19 hrs ago (Awaiting moderation)

      Any luck now that you’ve deleted your profile and created another one under a different user name? Totally facetious question. The anger, insults and rage is still prevalent in everything you post. But what woman would pass that up, huh?

  3.   nawen says:
    Posted: 2 days ago

    Exactly we black girls, ladies and women God gifted us we are always natural that's why am here to get for my white Angel.

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  4. Posted: 3 days ago

    The woman pictured is NOT "thick." She's fat. There's a difference. Too many (black) women try to pass themselves off as "curvy," when they are just plain obese.

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    • StyxFan77 says:
      Posted: 1 day ago

      EXACTLY! And women do NOT have to try to get "thick" to win a man's attention. Most of the (black) men who like 'thick' women will cheat on that thick woman with a slender woman. I see it happen all the time. Black men at my job have thick/large girlfriends but come to work hitting on all the SLENDER waitresses. There is NOTHING wrong with being slim/slender. The liberal left has made being slender a 'bad thing' while hypocritically shouting about being "body positive".

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    • Annab2b says:
      Posted: 18 hrs ago (Awaiting moderation)

      That was uncalled for. I’m not a fan of this article either. Ladies don’t need validation from men to let them know their sexy even if their skinny or pleasantly full figured. It’s all about confidence. Men are attracted to confident women, no matter the size or shape.

  5.   DeeB45 says:
    Posted: 3 days ago


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  6.   MatureKid says:
    Posted: 3 days ago

    I would love to be enslaved by a thick black woman. They are dark godesses

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