Second date ideas that are bound to impress

Posted by Juan, 20 Oct

If you are searching for second date ideas that are totally unforgettable then it means your first date wasn't awful. It was awesome! You nailed it! But in order to take the relationship to the next level, you need to keep things fun and fresh. The second date needs to be better than the first one. The thing is, dating is a competitive sport. And you are probably not the only guy eyeing her. So you will have to compete with these others in order to be top on her list. So you probably have to get out of the dinner and movie rut and think outside the box.

If you are scratching your head looking for things to do on a second date, then read on and try one of these 2nd date ideas...

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What to do on a second date

When there is a rival in the picture, some men might go overboard and opt for outlandish dates. Now while we don't want your date to you are cheapskate, we also don't want her to think you are from the Trump family. The trick is to plan a second date that will impress her, but also not give her false expectations about the kind of person you are. So you need to be very creative.  Whether creativity or being outlandish will make a difference depends on the woman in question.

Now that you have already been on a  first date with her, second date ideas shouldn't really be a big issue for you because you at least have an idea of the things she is in to based on the interaction and the conversations you had on your first date. You can base your 2nd date ideas around the things you might have in common. Alternatively, you can choose to introduce some fun activities that she has never experienced. Whatever you end up planning, keep her in mind. It’s completely possible to have an awesome second date without breaking the bank. So, go for it! Don’t just do dinner and a movie – be creative and let that date be a lasting memory.

Here are ideas on what to do on a second date...

Rent out a restaurant

Now, I know I am the one who has been going on and on telling you to get out of the 'dinner date' rut. But this is one of the things you can do that can be very romantic for you and your date. Just rent out a restaurant for the night or just a couple of hours. This is probably something that guys with deep pockets can afford. Just picked a place with good food and atmosphere. Now if the girl is into beer and bar food, then renting a pub or club will work just fine. Seeing as you had already been on a first date with her, you definitely have an idea of what her tastes are. For instance, renting out a Chinese restaurant when her tastes run to American bar far will be setting yourself up for an expensive flop.

Spa date for two

A spa is one of the places to go on a date. We all deserve some TLC once in a while. This is one of the second date ideas that will show her that you have a softer and caring side to you. So go ahead and surprise her by booking that appointment. If you want to knock her socks off, how about trying out a float spa and relax in waters enriched with healing salt. Make sure you are a good sport and enjoy with her the manicure, pedicure, and a massage. After you are both relaxed and refreshed, finish the day off with some dinner and connect with her further.

Go for a stage performance

If you are looking for second date ideas NYC, then you are in luck as the large city has amazing stage performances. Alternatively, you could get tickets to a Broadway show online. This will cut down on the amount of time you might have to spend standing in line. You will have more time to relax in your seats and walk around as you get to bond with your date as opposed to frustratingly queuing in line for the tickets.

Hit up a sports event

Other second date ideas NYC are major sports events. If your date hinted that she is a sports fan, getting a couple of tickets to a sports event can be one of the fun things to do on a date. It will turn out to be an easy and super entertaining night out. The good thing is that you can kill more than one bird with one stone as most sports stadiums are all-inclusive. So while you enjoy the game, you can also grab something to eat and get drinks without having to leave the area. Whether your team wins or loses, you will still be a winner based on memories created and the fun you will have.


If you’re both athletic and outdoorsy and you live in a place where there is a river or a lake and are still wondering about the things to do on a second date, ask your date if she would love to join you on a kayaking expedition. If she agrees, plan your Saturday date on the river. Water can be one of the fun date places. Pick her up early and grab breakfast together before heading out to the waters. Once done with the few hours of rafting, have a small picnic on the shore, take a little swim and bond.

There are a lot of fun things to do on a date and fun date places to visit. The above mentioned are just but a few places to go on a date. If for instance your date is not into activities such as kayaking find out other interests she might have. For instance, you could try hot air ballooning or book a plane and head for the skies. The thing is, you can never run out of second date ideas.

The date doesn't have to be expensive. The second date just needs to be creative and thoughtful and not about showing your intended date how much money you have.

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