Is Your First Date Awkward?

Posted by Leticia, 08 Jan

Perhaps he/she is not the only one to blame. First dates take effort!

So here’s 3 handy tips to break the ice:

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1. Even if they ain’t cutting it, show genuine interest in what they are saying! Sure, he/she may be boring. If anything, take this as an opportunity to educate yourself on the topic so the next time it comes up, you won’t feel so lost and wishing your date would move the conversation elsewhere.

2. Ask those questions. What better way to show interest (or at least pretend to) than by asking questions. You don’t need to let the date be fully awkward and you may also learn a thing or two! At the very least, you’ll limit the number of awkward silences that occur throughout the evening.

3. Avoid valley-girl responses. “That’s hot” ,“Yeah” and “Oh really?” are not what you would consider stimulating responses during any human conversation. You will come across as dismissive if you keep this vernacular up. Try to be welcoming and at least show some interest in what they are saying

At the end of the day, you are on a date with another human being that made the effort to show up. Have a good time, and who knows? Even if the night does not end with the romantic connection you were seeking, you may at least end up leaving with a new friend and a great experience!


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  1.   BrownB09 says:
    Posted: 11 Feb 23

    I haven't dated in so long. I just lost my longtime partner and father of my children a bit over a year ago. I am a bit nervous. Im looking for good conversation and just a nice time. These are good tips

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