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Lorraine & Dennis -
Senoia, Georgia, United States

Black Women Seeking White Men - She Fell for This Bearded Ex-Bodybuilder | LatinoLicious - Lorraine & Dennis

She Fell for This Bearded Ex-Bodybuilder

Lorraine and Dennis were no strangers when it came to online dating. But as soon as they joined the site, they got a confidence boost. Lorraine was quite confident in finding love on the site, whereas Dennis was not so much.

Lorraine was a member of the site for almost a year before she ended up finding her soulmate. While it only took Dennis a couple of weeks after signing up to fall in love with Loraine's profile.

Dennis would be the one to make the first move, "Dennis sent me a Flirt," Lorraine said. After visiting his profile, she became increasingly interested in this man. "He seemed sincere. Slightly different than my usual type," she added.

The pair couldn't wait to meet in person for the first time. The only thing in their way of love was the distance between them. But Dennis wouldn't give up easily!

Dennis traveled to meet Loraine. "We met at my place, and then we went to lunch," she explained. As soon as they met, Lorraine jokingly said, "I fell in love with him and his beard!" "I like her attitude towards life," Dennis responded.

Lorraine was surprised to hear an interesting fact about her new love interest; he was an ex-bodybuilder! Even though Dennis wasn't Lorraine's typical type, the same couldn't be said for him. Dennis has a long history of interracial dating, and Loraine was happy to hear this.

They had so much in common and so much to talk about! "We had new interests to explore. In addition, she is extremely open-minded, a quality that her profile didn't fully capture," Dennis expressed.

The duo was going to meet again, and they couldn't wait! Dennis understood that what he had with Lorraine was special while watching a movie at her house. "I knew that what we had was special while I was at home and talking to him on the phone," Lorraine confessed. "He's made me very content," she says. Dennis agrees, declaring that their new relationship has "made me quite happy!"

Lorraine's words to our readers looking for love are, "keep at it because love can happen!"

"Keep it up. It can change your life," Dennis added.

Dennis and Lorraine are for sure made for one another!

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