Is the man you like falling in love with you?

Posted by Akila, 01 May

How can you tell if a man is falling in love with you even without him saying those three magic words? As women, we love to be sure that the man's feelings are reciprocal. So women tend to worry a lot when it comes to the feelings of the new man in their lives. Are the actions of the man you are head over heels for speaking love or lust? Is the question on your mind - Does he love me? Read on for signs to look out for...

Signs that a man is falling hard for you

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Falling in love can be such a lovely thing. But it is even lovelier if the other person feels the same way. When in love, people act differently. There are those who will prefer to play hard-to-get until they are sure that the other person is also falling for them. And then there are those that just dive in head first and figure things out as they move along. That said, even those that prefer taking things slow or hasn't said "I love you", there are a few things that give the falling in love bit away. Here are some of those things...

He is real with you

Now, this is one sure way to know if a guy likes you. What does being real mean? You see the way when you go out with a guy for the first time it feels like they have rehearsed things to talk about on a first date? Well, it stops feeling that way. When someone puts their guard down, it is usually because they feel comfortable enough around you. When you realize that the awkward phase is over and the dude is still around, then the guy is surely falling in love with you.

Look for simple signs like him being comfortable enough to be in sweats or talks to you about his fears and hopes. The thing is, men rarely open up to people who mean nothing to them. So if he even cracks open his heart just a little, then that is for sure a sign.

It stops being about sex!

I know! This feels very contradictory! The thing is, when people meet, normally its just lust! So, Bang! Bang! Bang! they go. No time to breathe. So here is a super dating tip for dummies! Get schooled people. When it reaches a point when you can sleep over at his place or he sleeps at your place and all you do is cuddle in front of the sofa, dude is falling in love. Basically, it has stopped being physical and it is becoming more than that. You can just lay there and have some pillow talk that seems better than sex. He just wants to be with you.

The connection is on another level!

There are things to talk about on a first date. And then, there is a connection that you feel right when you talk on a first date. People are quite skeptical about love at first date. I believe it can happen. I have experienced it. The thing is, if you feel a genuine connection, then chances are he is feeling it too. If right from the start you feel like you two have a common ground and he just gets you, then that is something you can build on. Don't let go...

He lets you into his inner circle

A guy who wants something casual won't bother introducing you to his friends. Unless you met him when he was with those friends. If the guy seems eager for you to meet that dear friend of his, then he is for sure falling in love with you. And this doesn't just stop at friends... It extends to colleagues, family members and even the grocery guy down the street. Even if he hasn't said it yet, he sure loves you already.

He will do everything to make you feel good

When your happiness and comfort id what he cares for, then the guy is falling hard for you. This is the number one dating for dummies tip to knowing he is falling for you. When you need a hug, he gives it to you. When you need an ear, he is there. If a dude just makes you feel better when you are with him, then you have got yourself a gem. If he is always there for you even if its something as simple as picking you up from work, then he is for keeps even without him saying he loves you.

How to get a guy to like you

There are quite a number of tips for dating someone new.  One of the online dating tips for women that I stand by is not to just sit there and wait for a man to hit you up. Take control of your own dating experience. If you see a man you like, make the first move.

Secondly, don't drag your online connection for too long. If you feel the online chemistry is there, then ask the dude for an offline date. There are some do's and don'ts on first date tips. If you met the guy online, make sure you meet at a public place. Keep things simple. Sometimes, overthinking a first date can really screw things up.

The other rule on how to get a guy to like you is not to talk about your ex too soon. Doing this only makes it seem like you are not over your ex.

Always look hot for him. I know it sounds a little vain but trust me, it does work. Let him get interested in you by taking care of your appearance. Make an effort. Get him to notice you and once you do, keep him interested with your appearance.

The thing is, falling in love might be a little tricky. But when you find that person who loves you without judgment, stick by them and treat them well.

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