Jay Ellis and Nina Senicar get married in lavish Tuscany wedding!

Posted by Leticia, 21 Jul

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck weren’t the only famous faces to get married this month…

Congratulations are also in order for Jay Ellis and Nina Senicar, as the couple officially tied the knot on Saturday July 9th after getting engaged in January 2019.

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We love it when another interracial celebrity couple makes it down the aisle!

The 40-year-old Top Gun: Maverick star and the 36-year-old Serbian model and actress – who have been dating since 2015 – finally got married in a gorgeous ceremony at the Villa Mangiacane in Tuscany, Italy, after the Coronavirus pandemic forced them to postpone their wedding two times prior.

And it sounds like it couldn’t have been a more perfect day, with their two-year-old daughter Nora Grace Ellis, who they welcomed in November 2019, as their flower girl, and both of their families and backgrounds blending together so wonderfully!

"We just really wanted everybody to have a good time and get to know each other," Nina Senicar told Vogue.

"And most importantly, dance.

"We come from two completely different sides of the world, different cultures and backgrounds, and it was magical to see how all of that got mixed together in such a beautiful and spontaneous way with the people we love the most."

The wedding was officiated by the couple's mutual friend Tony Mancilla, who actually introduced them back in 2015; and he reportedly got ordained specifically for their wedding. If that isn’t a great friend, we don’t know what is!

Jay Ellis and Nina Senicar on their wedding day

We're very grateful to both of them for sharing pictures of their big day on social media…

Jay Ellis shared a picture of himself with his new wife on Instagram on July 18th, with the caption: "July 9th, 2022… Per sempre

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  1. Posted: 30 Aug 22

    How long will it last?!

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  2.   shaniacue says:
    Posted: 24 Jul 22

    Congratulations to an amazingly beautiful couple!

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