How different countries celebrate Valentines day

Posted by Juan, 21 Jan

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you might be wondering what Valentine's Day around the world is like. Well, the thing is, stores are packed with things that are in line with the mood of the day, for instance, chocolate, teddy bears, balloons, heart-shaped candies, and stuffed pillows. Red is the color of the day so you can imagine how these goodies are painting these stores red. Now, these gifts are common in most countries around the world.

That said, in countries like Bulgaria, couples celebrate this day with a glass of excellent local wine while in Wales they do it by exchanging intricately handmade wooden spoons. In Romania, most couples go to the forest to pick out flowers and for good luck, they wash their faces in the snow.

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The thing is some countries celebrate their day differently as they honor their countries’ ways of showing love to one another. So, let us talk about where and how these celebrations began, what makes this day special, and how people honor these celebrations around the world.

Valentine's Day traditions around the world

It all began with this man going by the name Saint Valentine. So, who is he and why is such a celebration centered around him? Now, the truth behind why we celebrate isn’t quite elaborate as there are a number of stories behind it.

It is believed that Valentine was a priest who served in Rome during the 3rd century. At the time, Emperor Claudius II had declared that single men were better soldiers as opposed to married ones or those with families. This priest Valentine was against young men being turned into soldiers so he started marrying young lovers in secret. When Emperor Claudius II discovered this, he ordered the death of Valentine.

The other story was that Valentine was killed because of assisting Christians to escape severe Roman prisons where they used to be tortured. After a while, couples started associating the day Saint Valentine died with love. So over time, couples started celebrating it as a day of love.

Not all countries make this day about flowers and chocolates. Some do it in their own style. Well, let’s take a look at how Valentine's Day around the world is celebrated.


Is Valentine's Day a worldwide celebration? We believe that most countries celebrate this day. That said, Argentinians don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in February as most countries do. They dub theirs, “the week of sweetness” which they have their celebrations in July. During this period, lovebirds exchange kisses, chocolates, and all other sorts of candies.


Did you know that people believe that the very first Valentine’s Day card originated in France? As the story goes, Charles, the Duke of Orleans, used to send love letters to his wife from the prison in 1415. Between 12th and 14th February, the village called Valentine in France turns into the epicenter of romance. The homes, trees, and yards ger decorated with roses, love cards, roses, and marriage proposals. If you ask me, I think these are probably the best Valentine’s traditions.


Where is Valentine Day celebrated in the Philippines? On this particular day, young couples gather at a gala event that is organized by the government and get married here. This gala event is usually a very special day for young couples as well as the country as this is a form of public service to these young lovers.

South Korea

In South Korea, every 14th day of the month is a day dedicated to love. In May, they call it “the day of roses”, in June, they have “the day of kisses” whereas, in December, they dub it “the day of hugs”. Clearly, different countries do things differently to celebrate their love for one another. It is a completely different Valentine’s Day tradition around the world.


Celebrated on the 14th of February like most countries, in Ghana, they call this day the “National Chocolate Day.” Seeing as Ghana is one of the largest cocoa-producing countries in the world, in 2007, the government named this day the “National Chocolate Day” as a step towards increasing tourism. To celebrate this day, people attend music events, performances as well as and restaurants that make themed menus for this special national day.


Here they celebrate love! On the 14th of February, women used to place five bay leaves on their pillows so that their future husbands can appear in their dreams. In Norfolk, they have the equivalent of Santa called Jack Valentine and children are usually eager to meet him.


In Slovenia, they believe that February 14, is the day plants start to revive. This is the first day of working in the fields for the new year. The other belief is that birds propose to each other on Valentine’s Day. For you to bear witness to these ‘proposals’, you must walk barefoot through frozen fields.

Czech Republic

Celebrated on 1st May, Valentine’s Day is popular with young couples. On this day these young couples go on a pilgrimage to the statue of the poet Karol Hynek Macha. Once there, the pairs kiss under the cherry trees for good luck.


On the 14th of February, women are the ones expected to buy gifts and chocolate for their men. That said, the men are not required to gift their women until 14th March which is called “white day”.


If you’re looking for some very romantic and unusual celebrations of Valentine's Day around the world then Romania is the place that will really excite you. They celebrate this day on 24th February when young couples usually get engaged. Theirs is a mix of celebrations – spring season and Valentine’s Day. To crown the day, the couples go to the forests to pick colorful flowers and watch their faces with snow for good luck.

What countries celebrate Valentine's Day? From Asia to Europe, to Asia it seems most of them do. The above is not the full list because we know that we also celebrate the day in the U.S.A. This is a list of some of the most interesting ones that do it differently. Check out more here.

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