Euphoria Couple Are Literal #CoupleGoals

Posted by Leticia, 18 Jul

It's been two years since Euphoria first premiered on HBO, but the show's impact is still being felt. In a recent interview, Dominic Fike, who played Elliot in the front, opened up about his experience working on the show and his co-star Hunter Schafer.

Dominic Fike comments about the best part of his romantic relationship with co-star Hunter Schafer.

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In an interview for the June/July issue of GQ, Dominic Fike opened up for the first time about his romantic relationship with his Euphoria co-star Hunter Schafer (aka Jules).

He revealed in the interview, "In those moments, your relationship is accelerated because you're so vulnerable with someone, immediately. Which usually takes a long time. Some people fall in love months after they meet or years after. We developed an attraction-it sped up so fast. We just really got to know each other so quickly."

Hunter was a part of the original Euphoria cast since the 2019 debut, whereas Dominic later joined the form as Elliot in season two.

Spoiler Alert!

Even the characters the two play are super connected in the show, so it seems like life imitates art! GQ commented that Dominic, at one point, would visit a Prada store in New York up to eight times in four days to see Hunter's face on the advertisements in the windows.

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