Racist notes urge mixed-race girl to kill herself!

Posted by Ando, 06 Oct

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Officials of an Alaska Native village school are investigating 3 racist and hate-filled notes that were urging a mixed-race student to take her own life. The racist notes were left in the 14-year-old girl's locker who is is part black and part Yup'ik. This set of notes were found on Monday, a  day after another student committed suicide.

School principal in Hooper Bay, David Harris, has been asking teachers if they could recognize the handwriting on the notes. According to what the girl told the mother earlier, these were not the first notes of this kind that she had received. According to Harris, he hadn't connected the two incidents initially. He, however, told children in the school assembly that such notes could make students harm themselves.

"I let the kids connect it in their minds, hopefully," Harris said. "My message was that we as a community are better than what these notes represent."

After hearing about the racist notes, the girl's mother her daughter out of school for a day. She had also received similar notes the past week but decided to throw them away. The girl has no clue who wrote the notes.

"It's very disturbing," said the mom.

The principal said he has not yet contacted local police or Alaska State Troopers. At this point, he hasn't seen the need to. He is relying on the hope that the teachers will identify who the handwriting belongs to.

For now, he is hoping teachers will recognize the handwriting in the notes.

"I just want to say, this doesn't represent a vast majority of my kids," Harris said. "My kids have good hearts, and we will work through this."

What do you think about the principal's decision not to pursue this further? If you ask me, he is taking this too lightly...

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